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11 Social Media Tips You Wish you’d Known Sooner

Blue and black or white and gold? What color was the dress?

Remember the time when all you heard from friends was the question ‘What color is the dress?’ The dress took the social media by storm. This example highlights the power of social media. Hadn’t it been for social media, the dress would not have gone viral and no one would have cared what color it is. The internet got divided over the colors that people saw. A recent audio version of ‘The Dress’ was ‘yanny or Laurel.’ Although I enjoyed both ‘The Dress’ and ‘Yanny vs. Laurel’ era, it became annoying at some point in time.

I am sure that was the exact case with many others, if not all. Social media can be just as annoying at times as it is overwhelming. Brands these days rely on this buzz that social media is capable of creating to promote themselves. In the race to attract more audiences, some campaigns go viral while the others fail miserably. This is because social media has empowered the individuals to decide the fate of these brands. In this age, everyone carries on them a smartphone or a tablet and has access to internet services like WOW Internet. Browsing various sites has become convenient with the advancements in technology. But this progress in technology has brought with a whole set of challenges for social media marketers.

Let's introduce you to social media tips that will help you build a better social media presence.

1. SMART goals:

My grade 6 instructor elaborated on the term SMART for the whole class. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time-bound. She wrote these five words on the blackboard and we felt so dumb to have never inquired about the word’s full form before. My story’s apart, a notable social media presence asks of businesses to set smart goals. ‘S’ means you have to be specific about the social media site you will choose to advertise on (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.). ‘M’ says that your goals are measurable which means that you should be able to keep track of the response of the audience. ‘A’ means the goal that you have set should be achievable. Do not assign unachievable goals to yourself. ‘R’ states that the goal should be relevant to your brand and ‘T’ asks of the goal to be time-bound. Assign a specific time by the end of which you expect to see the results.

2. Identify the audience:

If you have to make a social media presence, it is crucial for you that the audiences are able to relate to you. Spend time I studying your existing or potential audiences’ persona, the challenges they face, the brands they love etc. This will help you to understand your audience on a deeper level and will enable you to connect with them in a more personalized manner.

3. Have a personality:

The worst thing your brand could do is coming across as one with zero personality. Your brand needs to adopt humanly traits and be able to talk to the audiences or customers just as a human would. People have high expectations of the brands these days. Talking to a robot is definitely not one of them.

4. Seek relationships:

Earning your brand followers should not be the goal. Building relationships with them should be. It is not difficult to increase the followers but maintaining the same follower base and growing it is the challenge. Quality matters more than quantity when it comes to followership. Earning 50 followers who engage with you and your brand regularly is more important than 1,000 followers who always ignore you. Building meaningful relationships with your audience is the key here.

5. Automation:

Automate but do it the right way. Automation is all the rage in social media these days but there have been instances in the past when it has gone wrong. What you need to understand is that consumers want a more personalized experience. Therefore, automating everything will not act in your favor. So, do not use automation when you are dealing with customers or are answering your followers’ queries. Employing automation for scheduling or content curation is justified. As long as the follower is getting a personalized experience, you are playing safe.

6. Helping vs. Selling:

Unless you have an e-commerce business, avoid pushing deals and offers to your audience. Instead, lend them help when they ask questions and connect with them in a more personalized manner. And do not delay in replying to your audience, they get offended.

 7. Get visual:

Irrespective of the social media site you choose to post on, pictures and videos make the content more likable than words do. You do not have to go out of the way to post visual content. Mere photos of customers and events can do the trick!

8. Stay active:

Inactive social feeds drive your followers away. You need to show up on your social media websites day after day with fresh and interesting content. The key here would be to post on times when the traffic on your site is the highest for maximum engagement of your audience.

9. Use Tools:

To monitor the activity of your audience, you need analytic tools. There is an array of tools to choose from and using them will help you a great deal when it comes to social media marketing.

10. Create desirable content:

The analytic tools help you to understand your audiences better. This will further help you in coming up with content that your followers like. You can’t do with copying what others are putting up on their sites, you need to come up with your own authentic content. The more different and unique it is, the more the audience will it attract.

11. Spend some bucks:

Making a notable social media presence might ask of you to send some bucks. This spending can be in the form of employing influencers or paid ads that you see on social media.

Nowadays, it is crucial for brands and companies to have a social media presence. The consumers these days are very proactive and the moment they feel that a brand is not offering what they expect out of it, they make a switch.  It is important that the brands make an effort to respond to their audiences’ queries as well. Companies like Spectrum offer services including Frontier Internet Customer Service that allow them to solve the problems that their customers have easily. Your company or brand should aim to have similar customer support service as satisfying the customer is the key.