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How to pay your shopping bills with Amex UK App

How to Pay Bills with Amex UK App?

Amex is an American express offers a huge bundle of banking services since long. The well-known service by Amex is its credit card services. Amex offer credit and debit cards both to its regular customers. If you are a regular customer of American express and make purchases regularly using Amex cards than it will worth for you. Amex offer an exclusive service for their users, named Amex UK App through which you can unlock number of Amex features and services including membership service, monitor use of your Amex card, purchase alerts and card transactions, reward points and much more. Currently, Amex is considered to be the UK’s best Banking website due to all these customer benefits. Along with all these benefits Amex UK App also provide you with the online Bill payment service but many people still unaware from this benefit of Amex featured App. Here is a step to step guide that how you can pay online Bill through Amex UK App;

·         Login to the Amex UK App by using your bank’s information. (Bank name, account number, total amount within and other the App requested for)

·         Let’s visit your Bill pay section on the Dashboard off the Amex App.

·         Set Bill alerts. So, that you will get informed when Bill is coming and also you can set reminder about the last date of Bill payment using Amex UK App

·         Select the category of payable bill. (Electric, Gas, Cable, Water or anything else)

·         Select whether payment will be deducted from card or account. In this situation always choose your membership card because it will return you back reward points. These rewards are of different types, like cash back, avios points. Regular Traveler try getting credit card with avios points and regular shopper prefer cash back.

·         And select to pay. Now your bill is payed within few steps. This will take less than five minutes to be done.

Amex UK App is designed to make your precious time and money conserved. Most of the times people forget to pay bills due to their busy routines. For this sake, American Express thinks too provide online Bill payment service with great ease. This will help you to enjoy peace of mind and impose less responsibility than going to the physical Bank branch to pay Bills. Amex UK App allows you to pay bills online anytime anywhere, by setting up amount in your Amex credit card. Keep your track straight by paying Bills, sending on households and other things completely online.

Your previously paid bills data, payable amount and date on which paid all were stored in your history to avoid any misunderstanding in future. Accept Bills all of your debt transections and withdrawals stored into your App history. To avail all these services let your Apps installed into your handset.

You can activate Amex Mobile App only if you are a Card holder or you have an active bank account in UK. App activation requires a user ID and password that is only for permanent UK residents, only those having an active account and Amex credit card. View and manage your debts on Amex Mobile App with great ease and comfortability.