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Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Coca Cola Scholarship

We all know that coca cola is one of biggest brand in bottling industry and they offer coca cola scholarship for the young, competitive and energetic students of US. This scholarship support high school students for the bachelor’s degree program. Winning a coca cola scholarship is biggest dream of every student in US. The big giant coca cola made a scholar foundation which handles the whole system. Every year more than 100k students apply for coca cola scholarship from all the states of US. Only 150 get the scholarship of amount $20000 for four years of bachelor’s degree program.

The coca cola scholarship procedure involve in three different steps

1.     General test taken and 2000 will be selected and they will go in next round.

2.     A written essay competition, taken from 2000 selected students and only 250 will be selected.

3.     The 250 selected students are called for an interview and only 150 students will be taken as a winner of coca cola scholarship.

Since 1986 the big giant coca cola support the young energetic students who have a will to deliver the community positively. Coca cola foundation provides the environment to newly selected students in which they grow their skills and abilities. They provide the great opportunity such as a party with alumnae, newbies meet with alumnae and they share their experience and groom their abilities.

Is it need base?

The answer is no. Coca cola scholarship is merit based scholarship and only available for US citizens. Those applicants will not entertained whose father working in Coca cola as an officer.

The scholarship applications are open from 01-01-2018 and close on 31-102018. After 31st of October applicants will not be entertained.

Winner of coca cola scholarship are then invited on a party in Atlanta at Leadership development institute to meet with pass out scholars and the newbies visit the local industrial area of coca cola industry. The purpose behind this to get motivate the newbies and they can exchange ideas and get help about future projects.

Famous Scholars of coca cola scholarship

Here it is the list of famous scholars who are award winners and serves the community as a leader.  

Neha Gupta: Wins the coca cola scholarship award also wins the international children peace prize in 2014 and she is 1st American who win this award.

Elise Stefanik: Wins the coca cola award. She is a famous politician and member of US parliament.

Ben Sasse: He is now member of US parliament and award winner of coca cola scholarship.

Cara Mund: Coca cola award winner and also wins the miss world 2018 award.

Leila Janah: CEO and founder of Samasource and LXMI also award winner of coca cola.

These are the few ones from a long list of award winner. Coca cola scholar’s foundation aim is to build leadership qualities in young exceptional students who have the ability to represent himself as a leader.