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Things to know about Fiber optics Solutions

There are various things that you should know about fiber optic solutions that would help refresh your memory or even just be that push for you to enhance your knowledge on the whole topic itself. It may not seem like a simple thing to learn about but the basics are pretty simple to follow along with, and to just get the overall basics on what they are is good enough for you to know what they are and get a clearer picture on fiber optics. Now where to begin? Well it would be best to give a light summary on what fiber optics solutions are and why they are the most prefered cabling application? Then perhaps going into a the advantages that you would gain out of fiber optic solution applications.

Fiber Optic Solutions

So what exactly are fiber optic solutions? Well fiber optic practically a glass that is as thin and similar to a hair, through that it carries all types of signals that needs to be sent from one point to another, this is all done through in light speed. In reality the signals aren’t truly travelling in light speed through the fiber optic cable, this is due to the fact that the glass within the fiber cable it is quite dense in comparison to the actual vacuum that occurs in the outer space, in which light can actually travel with nothing to disrupt its pathway.

Though it isn’t 100% in light speed it is safe to say that using fiber optic cables and the solutions that they provide it is the fastest way to send signals and data across, when looking at the previous method being through copper cabling, fiber is far more superior which has lead to it being more popular in different markets and fields such as cable television, computer networking and such business that would need top of the line cabling. 

Finally fiber optics do not get affected by other external power sources as well as there being no need to shield or ground it, which copper signals need full protection in all aspects.

Advantages using Fiber Optics

Whilst trying to find out about fiber optics and their solutions, as they are the most popular and in high demand nowadays, the certainly provide certain advantages that would make them just perfect to be used. Such as its bandwidth, distance, security, size and such reasons that makes the whole solution stand out more and help in all ways.

Distance- When it comes to distance fiber optics are the best way forward, they are capable of maintaining a low power loss in which the signals can be transmitted to areas that are at much further distances. Where as copper cables would not be able to withstand such distances.

Security- Security is always important no matter what line of business you work it, feeling safe that all your data is properly secured with no problems fiber optics do the right job at that. As the market has grown through the past few years the awareness of data security has grown rapidly as the likeliness of something being hacked or something has become a more common occurrence.

As the data or signals are transmitted as light through the fiber optic this results in there being no way to detect what the data that is being transferred is, as “hacking” or “listening” as it is all dont through electromagnetic energy and there is no way they can leak through the cabling.This was fiber optics can ensure that utmost security for all types of information.

Stronger Signal-

Weight & Size- When looking at a fiber optic they have a very small diameter, taking a type of fiber cable as an example; the OM3 multimode fiber is around 2mm this is much smaller than an average copper cable that is used on a daily basis. Having a smaller cable saves up much more space when it comes to transmitting.

Another thing that makes them small in size and lighter in weight would be the fact that fiber optics are made of either glass or plastic, they are very thin strands that would result in a thinner body and reduce the bulkiness that cables usually have, having them thinner results in them being light and much easier to install.

Bandwidth- Trying to search for another type of cable service that would offer a similar bandwidth that a fiber optic does close to impossible, as the amount of data that the fiber optic cables can transmit is way greater than any other cabling solutions out there one of them being copper cables.

Cheaper- When you look at the fiber optics you would automatically assume that it would be much more expensive than any other cabling services that are out there today, that is incorrect. Fiber optic cables are made cheaper than the equivalent lengths of different cablings such as copper wire, the constant competitors that are in the market that compete for a shar, would result in the fiber cables price to drop. 

Long Lifespan- Cables today need constant maintenance to keep them going that would result in the being changed now and then, where as using a fiber optic cable they are seen to have a much higher life cycle and can go on till around 100 years. Looking at the statistics using fiber cabling is much more efficient and is much more worth the money that any other type of cabling services out there today.

Looking through these lists of advantages that fiber optic solutions provide it surely does beat out any other type of cabling out there. There may be some other advantages that were left out by mistake or simple haven’t been discovered as an extra advantage. But through this, it is the easiest and most efficient option to choose from on the market that would make it all much more reliable and secure to use.

If you would like to learn more on fiber optics you can either search for more information or call up the nearest fiber services in your region to get correct facts and statistics from them.