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Top rated multi-platform mobile games of all time

Smartphones have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years in terms of hardware and software performance, evolving from a reasonably good smart devices back in the day to high-performance platforms that we have today. Mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS have always pushed for new and improved apps and games with improvements in hardware and software. This has compelled developers to come out with new and improved titles each year.

From Apple’s focus on multi-core GPUs to Android’s focus on high performance API support (Vulkan API), great things are happening for mobile gaming. More and more high-performance games are being released, increasingly targeting mid-range devices instead of high-end ones. Mobile devices, on the whole, are also improving slowly, which means that developers can now work on much more detailed and intricate graphics and storylines without having to worry much about device compatibility.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best gaming titles you can enjoy on your phones in 2018, whether you happen to be using Android or iOS.

1. Angry Birds

To date, Angry Birds remains one of the most popular games available for mobile devices. It has evolved into an entire series, with different game types such as pig poppers, downhill racers and even puzzles. The concept for all these games is simple; you have to help multi-colored birds try to save their eggs from green-colored pigs, their enemies. This game is a massive hit and will remain so for a long time to come.

2. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go exploded its way onto mobile gaming fame in 2016 and quickly became on of the best games on the Android marketplace. The Augmented Reality game lets you walk around in the real world collecting Pokémon, battling for Gyms and hitting up Pokestops to restock items. This game beat almost every record in the book at the time. It has, however, changed quite a bit from what it originally was in 2016, and will continue to iterate and change/improve over time.

3. Temple Run

This endless runner has two games under its belt. The original Temple Run involved your character taking something from the temple, with dragons chasing you in an endless run. The farther you go, the higher you score. You can swipe up or down to avoid obstacles or turn left or right. Temple Run 2 built upon this concept, adding enhanced graphics, smoother gameplay and new boosts and bonuses.

4. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the best progress-based strategy games you can play on your phone. Available for multiple platforms, this game has been around for over 6 years now and is still going strong with a very good freemium model (play the game for free, pay for premium stuff inside the game with in-app purchases).

The idea is simple; build up your village and raise a clan, train an army, gather resources to feed the army or build your base, form alliances and take part in epic clan battles. The game focuses on alliances and battles, so the more time you spend in the game the more powerful you become. It is always fun to beat players less strong than yourself!

5. Minecraft

Minecraft is the most extensive game on this list. In fact, it is one of the most extensive games you will find anywhere.  And with over 75 million active players, it is one of the most addictive and popular games as well.

Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows players to build objects with a variety of different cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. This requires creativity on your part, which will keep you hooked up to this game for hours each day. Players can also explore in the game, gather resource, craft items and fight.

6. Crashlands

Released back in 2016, Crashlands is one of the best Android games you will ever play. You are an intergalactic trucker who crash lands on an alien planet. Now, you have to find out what’s going on, build a base for yourself, collect and craft items and make your way back up in the world. There is a lot of character development available in the game which will keep you interested in the game for long periods.

7. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a very recently released game, but still makes it to the best mobile games list. The game amassed millions of downloads when it first pre-released on PC. The popular game is now available to download on mobile for free!

PUBG Mobile, like its PC version, is a shooter game with very clean and effective controls and decent graphics. A bunch of players jump from a plane onto a large map, collect weapons and equipment from buildings and kill their enemies to rise to the top. It’s a very addictive game once you get a hang of it.

8. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is one of our favorite puzzle series from back in the day. The game involves a monster, and your job is to cut the ropes in such a way that the candy makes it to the monster. The monster eats it and you progress to the next level. But it isn’t as simple as it sounds; the candy isn’t easily accessible and you have to maneuver it with rope swings and slings.

Cut the Rope is an entire series and has many games under its umbrella. They all have the same concept, but with different levels, mechanics and scenes. That should keep you and your friends interested in the game for quite some time. The games are available for multiple platforms.

9. Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is a puzzle-adventure game that takes a mother and her child on a quest. Navigate your ways through magical architecture and illusionary pathways, control multiple characters and solve puzzles in collaboration to advance through. This game builds upon its very popular 2014 edition (which is considered one of the best games ever) and brings some unique elements into the mix.

10. Real Racing 3

If you’re a racing enthusiast, then there is perhaps no better progression-based racing than Real Racing 3. This game has an edge over other great titles such as Asphalt in that it has more of a simulation gameplay than an arcade one. So, it will naturally feel more realistic. Secondly, it has a great focus on career mode, where you unlock races, earn money, buy new cars and spend money upgrading them. It’s quite a challenging game as well and will keep you hooked for hours on end. The game features regular events and tournaments, allowing you to compete with your friends and the rest of the world. And like the other two games on this list, Real Racing connects to a social account so all your progress is backed up. No need to worry about starting over when you buy a new device.

These were some of the best gaming titles ever released on mobile platforms. If we missed out your favorite games, be sure to mention them in the comments section below! Have fun!