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iOS 12 - 5 ways it can help make your old iPhone better

It is not wrong to say that with the advancement of time, technology is improving at rapid pace. When we talk about I phone or I pads then we have something new to discuss because apple comes with new innovation as well as Iphone deals frequently. Recent discussed or ongoing topic of 2018 is ios12.

IOS12 is an app for I phones or I pads. It was launched on June 4, 2018 at company’s conference. This is the best feature for Iphone users till date and major reason behind its launch is very calculative and fundamental. Though I phones and I pads are highly in demand and they are the fast processing gadgets with 0% complaints of hanged handsets. But everyone knows that the older the phones gets, it does not work as fast as it used to work when it was new. So major reason behind the launch of IOS12 is to fasten the speed, process and many other things even of the oldest I phones. The admirable thing about this app is that it is available for operation is all the models of I phones and I pads. This app comes with multiple features which has simpler the lives of I phone user but here we are discussing the best five features that everyone should be aware of.

5 ways it can help make you’re your old iPhone better are :

       Easy control over the notifications

The best things about phones are that they notify us about every important and unimportant thing which at times irritate or annoy us. There are the moments when we do not want to get disturb by anything whether it is a small notification on our phones. With the help of IOS12, you can manage your notifications.  Your phone will automatically starts notify you when you wish to receive notification.

       Facetime with multiple users at the same time

Facetime is an inbuilt app in I phones. Before the introduction of IOS12, It is not possible to have facetime with more than two people at a time but now you can talk with more than thirty people at a time with the help of IOS12.

       Create own emoji

Earlier you have to settle or use the emojis which are available in it but now you can create your own emoji according to the situation or mood with the help of IOS12. These days, people talks with more emojis than words. Moreover, emojis are necessary to use with words in order to conduct the proper statement.

       IOS protects privacy

Privacy is foremost requirement of every user because everyone has many things personal saved in their phones which they cannot risk to disclose at any cost. IOS12 plays a significant role in protecting your phone from any misconduct. It provides the privacy that no websites can provide.

       Faster the speed

This is the last but the most important benefit of IOS12. These days’ people are less patient and want things according to them. Similarly they want their phones to access at fast speed.

After the introduction of IOS12, Iphones have become much superior if you compare mobile phones which do not have such feature in it. Earlier also there was no comparison of phones with I phones but now every other mobile phone is negligent.