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Where Can I Get Best Resale Value For My Mobile Phone?

Investing in a mobile phone generally means spending a fair amount of money. But if you’re smart, you’ll know that you can sell your old phone to recoup at least some of the cost of a new one. Not all phones are created equal though, so if you’re planning on selling on a mobile once you’re done with it, then you might want to choose your model pretty carefully in the first place. Where can you get best resale value for my phone, that’s what we’re here to find out?

Recycling Websites

Over the last few years, dozens of websites have popped up to buy older model mobiles for cash. In the case of newer models, those phones then go on to be sold again, whilst older models still have value in their parts. Of course, you can always sell your phone person to person, using many different sites, and some manufacturers even buy back phones of their own brand

In short, and there are tons of ways of making some money off that old phone. And selling an old model to make way for a new one is a pretty savvy idea. However, in order for this plan to work effectively, you’ll need to get the best price possible for a phone when you sell it. When it comes to resale prices there are a couple of things that really affect the resale price.

How to get the best price?

Number One simply put, some brand names retain their value better than others. And you’re more likely to get a good resale price on something like a Samsung or Apple than on a Huawei or Sony. In fact, in terms of resale value, iPhones retain their value better than any other model of phone. Based on both new and resale prices online, an iPhone loses around 35% of its value in a year, so if you buy that £1000 iPhone X this year, you can likely sell it for around £650 next year.

Factors involved in selling your mobile

Number two the phone model you choose also obviously affects resale value. The first factor here is age. Let’s say you want to buy a phone, use it for a year, and then resell it. If you buy a phone that’s only been on shelves for 2 months then when you’re ready to sell it will have only been on general sale for 14 months, meaning you’re likely to get a better price. Choose a phone that’s been around for 11 months and by the time you’re ready to sell it will be almost 2 years old, meaning there’s likely to be one, maybe even two updated models of the same phone available. So you’ll get a lower price. If you want to resell your phone, you should look at buying the most recent release possible. However, the actual model is also important. 

Flagship phones

Flagship phones tend to retain their prices better than other models. Even within that niche, some models do better than others. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are both flagship phones, but the S8 Plus gets relatively higher prices on resale sites.

When it comes to reselling first thing that came in to the mind is google search, and with a report of a survey people who want to sell their phone search 60% of these words sell my mobile best price guarantee, sell my mobile for best price, sell my phone online, I want to sell my mobile online, which gives you an Idea on how big amount people is searching and reselling their phone in today’s world.

Where to sell your phone?

So Where Can I Get Best Resale Value For MY Phone?

I would recommend selling on sellanymobile if you are looking for the highest price, but be ready to put in a bit of time creating a profile, listing the item and waiting for the smart phone to sell. If you are new to the site, be ready to wait up to 21 days for payment but all these are done fast and automatically on the website it not only help you sell your phone but it will also show you the comparison as well so you can easily decide. 

Other website offers pricing similar to sellanymobile, but requires that you work directly with people. For some this is an issue, but on the positive, you get paid cash. I have also sell my iPhone on sellanymobile and it gives you a good amount of rates.

Selling via sellanymobile or a similar platform is going to get you the best possible price. To get an idea what your phone is worth you can look through previously sold listings on sellanymobile and get an idea of price. Try to find sold listings of a device that looks in similar condition to yours and with the same accessories, box etc.

UK recycling comparison websites

The first thing you need to do is hop on sellanymobile again and see what your model is selling for as a used item. Then compare this to the mobile phone recycling websites I recommend www.sellanymobile.co.uk us it’s one of the secure and good website.

As a general rule don’t just choose the site that offers you the highest price. Look into reviews and customer satisfaction ratings first. Though a site offers you a high price, you don’t necessarily receive all that money. You’ll need to first send your phone to them and they’ll examine it before giving the final price. Some (unscrupulous) sites give high estimates, counting on the fact that once they have the phone in hand they can offer a lower price and you’ll accept it, not wanting to go through the trouble of starting the process again with another company.

Reselling your mobile phone is a great idea, but it’s a long-term plan. If you’re thinking about selling a phone on after use, then it’s important that you consider this fact when you’re actually shopping for a phone new. Choosing the right phone now could mean more money later and with website that works in your favor and now comparing websites like sell any mobile and other they have made sell very easy with minimal amount of work and energy.