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Established in 2013, Hartleys is an online furniture retailed based in the UK. We specialise in affordable, versatile furniture and focus on fantastic storage solutions that are also great value for money. Who is Hartleys Direct? At Hartleys, we believe everyone deserves to love their home – no matter their budget. We provide students, home owners and even business owners with space-saving solutions that are stylish, practical and accessible. We know homes and we know them well which makes us the perfect choice for anyone looking for clever storage ideas on a contemporary theme. Our collections include pieces for the bedroom, living room, dining area, kitchen and office, paying particular attention to storage and simplicity. Our experience and understanding of homes gives us a great platform for creating digital content which is fun, engaging and packed full of ideas. We find inspiration in even the smallest of pieces and use beautiful imagery as well as aspiring videos to demonstrate the versatility of our products which we then place on both our website and on our social media accounts.

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